Monday, March 28, 2011

Midnight Math

A common game in our house is to ask math questions at supper.  We've recently started extending this game into the night-time on those rare occasions when the kids need night-time attention.  The other night the eight year-old was up so my hubby decided to drill him. 

Hubby: What's 6x8?
Boy:  I don't know.
Hubby: What's 2x8?
Boy: I don't know.
Hubby What's 2x2?
Boy: 48.

It was a little delayed, but he got there.

Tonight, it was the seven year-old's turn.
Hubby: Hey, what's 3x4?
Girl: I don't know.  Ask me an addition math question.
Hubby: What's 4 +4?
Girl:  Eight.  Easy-peasy.

The best part is that the kids never remember these conversations in the morning.  We like our midnight math fun.

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