Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We've been pretty busy, enjoying and living life, and I just haven't made time to write.  So, here are a few quick thoughts for now:

1.  I've got two out of three kids who are playing with Legos and singing Mulan's "A Girl Worth Fighting For" at the top of their lungs, with dramatic vibrato.  I love having them home so they can have these moments.

2.  Disemboweled Gourds, Costumes, and Candy Day is two days away.  I've got the candy but we're still working on costumes, and our gourds are woefully intact.  Tomorrow.  We'll work on it all tomorrow.

3.  Three dentist appointments and four optometrist appointments in four business days means not much school gets done.

4.  Mastermind Toys offers a teacher discount.  They do not include Home Educators on that discount.  And now I know.

5.  It's always good to have extended family around, even if you only get bits and pieces of them.  (My parents are trying to buy a new-to-them car, so they have been car shopping these last few days while staying here.)

6.  I am continually reminded to be in prayer for marriages around the world.  Life works so much better when we stick to God's plan for our lives.

7.  My youngest loves singing "Roarin'...  Roarin'...  Roarin' like a lion" over and over.  I just love that he's actually enjoying singing anything.

8. My youngest is on page 126 of a 497 page book.  Most of the time, it's nearly impossible to get him to read.  But, in the last week, he has read 1/4 of Eragon, by Christopher Paolini.  I thank my nephew for introducing our family to this book, and another nephew for letting us borrow the movie.  It's exciting to see my seven (nearly eight) year old enjoying such a book.

9.  The history and science books will not read themselves.  So, I'm off to read with the kids.


  1. Too bad that stores don't honour discounts to homeschoolers! Perhaps they don't realize how many there are out there.

    That's great that your parents are still around. I agree with them, they will find better prices on cars down here, than in northern Ontario. I pray they find something suitable for their needs.

    In time. Your youngest will one day begin reading something & not want to put it down. Some kids don't begin to enjoy reading until they are slightly older than your almost 8 year old (2 days less a month away)!

  2. Staples honors home educators as teachers. I don't know who else does, but I know they do. At least in Ohio!

    Leading children to catch the fever or reading is one of the greatest joys! Our youngest has surpassed the prior to kids by FAR in that category. He's ten, but has read 16 of the Red Wall books and is on his 3rd Landmark book right now. BUZZING ALONG.

    Great stuff!

  3. It is SO exciting to watch your children catch the joy of reading. We've been through it five times now. Our sixth is starting to put words together so I expect by this time next year to have another reading. One of the things that makes homeschooling so worth it.