Monday, December 23, 2013


I made a plan!  I'm not always the most organized, so when I have a plan and actually do the work to stick to it, well, that's something!

So today, I had a plan.  I had been adding items to my "final shopping trip before Christmas" list for a couple days now.  My hubby has the van for an away-from-the-office work trip today.  But that didn't matter, because my parents' car is just sitting here, taking up space in my driveway while they're taking pictures of turtles off on some faraway island.

So, list in hand, I corralled the kids and told them to grab a book because we were going to be out for a while.  (I had a few stores to visit, after all.)  We went out, unlocked the car, and figured out where we all wanted to sit (this is a big deal when you're eight and nine, apparently.)  I got in and turned the key.  The lights lit up.  And then they didn't.

And there was silence, save for the wind whipping around outside the car.

I turned the key again.

Lights.  No action.

"Well, kids, looks like we're not going out right now."

"Can we watch Elf when we get back inside?"
"Yeah, that's my favourite Christmas movie because it's so funny."


We'll jump-start the battery later.  The list will wait.  It's suddenly a lazy day around here.  I can't say that I mind too much.

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