Friday, March 28, 2014

Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma, Comma Comedian

My daughter has been writing a story, based on her favourite characters from the Gregor the Overlander book series by Suzanne Collins. Every so often, I will sit down and help her edit her work. This morning, I tried to show her how to know when she needed to add a comma. Her dialogue needed quite a few commas. After adding several to just a few phrases, she protested, "We're going to run out of commas!"

Her older brother looked under the keyboard and declared that she had three commas left. She decided she had better use them wisely.

I love laughing and learning together.


  1. No particular song came to mind??

  2. Oh my goodness, yes! After all, laughter IS the best medicine!

  3. Funny story - It's so nice how much you're enjoying homeschooling.