Saturday, June 21, 2014

Chicken Day

The following pictures depict a fun day at the chicken farm.

Well, it was fun for us. Not so much for the chickens.

Look away if you do not want a biology lesson on the innards of a chicken.
Look away if you do not like to see chickens being "processed."

Continue through these pictures if your curiosity is piqued.



This poor chicken had no idea what was ahead of her.

She was placed head-down in this bag, with her head poking through the bottom. Mr. Farmer slit her throat and let her bleed out. We were fascinated.

Once she had bled out, we dipped her in scalding water for about 45 seconds. This made it much easier to pull the feathers off.

The feathers came off really easily.

Mrs. Farmer took out all the entrails and showed us what was what.

The heart is on the left. The lungs are bright red, on the right. Gizzard at the top, liver in the middle on the left, and so on.

She thought the feet were pretty cool.

Chicken Number Two. Now that we've seen the process, we'll get our hands dirty.

Giving her a hint of what's to come, I guess.

He can do this!

It was such a cool experience! We are grateful to have such great friends who were willing to let us invade their farm to watch this whole process. The kids had a blast watching the whole thing and getting their hands dirty. And now we know a little more clearly what it takes to put a chicken on our table.


  1. Cool!! What an amazing experience!

  2. That's fantastic that the kids got to see something like this. As we grew up (my generation), we often didn't get to see things like this until we were in our late teens. Bravo to you & hubby for arranging this for them!

  3. I used to help my grandmother do this when I was growing up. Only my grandfather would break their necks after he tied them to the fence.