Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Man at 40

I've kind of been out of words lately.  I haven't had a whole lot to say and I've had even fewer words with which to say things, so I've just stayed away from the keyboard.

But today – TODAY – I have a reason to come back to the keyboard!

Today I celebrate my best friend.  

Today I celebrate the person who makes me laugh more than anyone else in this world.

He isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

And he loves exploring, 

...with me!

My best friend is also an amazing father, someone who will play games that aren't his favourite, simply for the sake of spending time with people who need his time.

There have been lots of highs with my best friend...  I'm glad to have been alongside him for so many of them.

Today, crack open your ice cream and lift a spoon to celebrate the first forty years of this man's life.

Happy birthday to my best friend.

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