Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Finding a Spouse, Homeschool-Style

I wrote this Feb 7, 2015. I'm not sure why it sat unpublished for over a year, but I want to remember it down the road...


It's so fun to sit back and just listen to my children, letting them chatter away.

The youngest needed some “board game” time with Dad the other night, so I took the older two out to the local coffee and doughnut shop. We lingered over coffee and hot chocolate while we chatted about the day, the weekend ahead of us, and life in general. On the walk home, we got into discussions about money, marriage, and making sure you make a good choice in who your spouse is, before you ever say, “I do.”

It was at this point in the conversation (which really wasn't as deep as it may sound) that the younger of the two admitted something. “When we first started talking about homeschooling, I thought that I would never meet other kids and I didn't know how I would ever find someone to marry."

The older one chimed in with, “Me too! I pictured myself standing on the sidewalk somewhere and just asking questions of people as they went by. If they answered just one question wrong, then I'd move on to someone else until I found someone who answered all my questions correctly.”

We all had a good laugh at how absurd that seemed now, busy as we are with our many "school" events. I am so thankful for the amazing, quality friends that my kids have made in the last few years. Any fears we were told to have about “socialization” quickly went out the window when we started homeschooling. I love these kids that we're getting to hang out with every week and I love the sense of culture and community that these families are instilling in their children. Yes, I'll take homeschool-socialized children any day!


  1. You must have posted it sometime somewhere because I recall hearing this before. OR - maybe you just told it verbally to me, as we would have been there about that time last year.

  2. I don't remember reading it before. But then again, reading and I don't very often get along!!!! Wanda, what impressed me after our latest "weekend" at your place was the diligence you put into your teaching there at home. I was impressed that you do this DAY AFTER DAY (!!!!!!) without grumbling or complaining of your lot in life. Don't diminish the fact that it does take a lot out of your day, but you see great value in teaching them YOUR way at THEIR level. God bless you as you keep at it day after day!!