Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Blog About Nothing (Who says you gotta have a story?)

I am sorry that I did that to you. I'll try not to do it again. I didn't mean to start a blog, get you all excited about what was to come and then leave you hanging for what must have felt like months and months! Okay, perhaps I'm overestimating your interest in what I have to say. Regardless, I am here, you are reading and all is right with the world.

Let me sum up what has transpired since we last chatted. I feverishly planned, baked, begged and worked with other ladies to put together a Trivia Night Fundraiser for our school. It was loads of fun and something that most who attended would like to see done again. One dad eagerly proclaimed that we should do two a year. Uh, no. But it seems that this will be an annual occurrence, so if you're interested, check back with me in about 10 months.

My plan, post-Trivia Night, was to relax for a couple days and then get into house-cleaning, readying-for-guests mode. Instead I got a phone call from the school on Monday to pick up my six-year old daughter who was having a mighty upsetting tummy ache. We got home, the girl and her two brothers, and 45 minutes later we were visually made privy to what the girl ate for lunch and snack that day. She had a rough two days there but she seems to be on the mend now.

That brings me to now. "Everything that happens now is happening now. What happened to then? We passed then. When? Just now. We're at now, now." Oops sorry about that. Every so often those old movie-quoting habits creep back in there. I'll try to keep those urges at bay.

Where was I? Oh, right, now.

So as I've gone through this week, not blogging, I was trying to decide in what direction I wanted to take this blog. The title is still amiguous enough that I could make it about anything. I enjoy cooking and baking, but there are plenty of great blogs out there about cooking and baking. I could make it about the funny things my kids say, but I imagine there are really only a handful of people who honestly care to hear what my kids have to say. I could make it about any number of things, but then there are very few people who might actually be interested in one specific topic, about which I am not an expert. So I decided to not decide and just have it be about nothing... and everything. Just the details of life that seem to go by unnoticed. I hope to notice those things and capture them here for my own entertainment. If you are not also entertained, I may end up yelling at you a la Gladiator, "Are you not entertained??" or I might not. Yeah, probably not.

So, to wrap up this post about nothing, I'll leave you with a foreign language quiz, the foreign language being a non-existent one. These are words that my oldest used to say when he was a babbling toddler. I'll award 50 bonus points and a gold star to the person who can accurately guess what they all mean.

1. Gwa-bum

2. A-ma-la-low

3. Ba-da (this one had two meaning, both of which are acceptable answers)

4. Fruck

(And anyone that can figure out my "now" movie quote without looking it up gets 20 bonus points, and the knowledge that you have that same sad movie memorized that I watched so many times as a kid!)


  1. ok, my guesses are 1) gwa-bum has something to do with poo 2)A-ma-la-low - am i allowed? 3)bada - bottle and/or daddy 4)fruck - i can't believe your kid started swearing like that at such an early age! (jk) :D ~al

  2. Wrong on all four, Al. Try again!

  3. here's me guess:
    2)i feel like i know this, but can't quite place it... i think it's food of some kind
    3)no clue!
    4) fire truck - that's what my kids called it, anyway! and i think paul did too as a child

  4. Luke-isms...

    1. Gwa-bum - granola bar

    2. A-ma-la-low - tomorrow (Dear God, please help me be good amalalow.)

    3. Ba-da - bagel and banana

    4. Fruck - Fire truck