Thursday, April 21, 2011

But please stay home for a few more years

Somehow the kids and I got talking about university this morning. It's fun to see how kids' minds work:
Boy 1: And can we come back and visit sometime?
Me: Yep. Come people go to university and stay on campus and some people stay at home to save some money, because it costs more to live at the school.
Girl: And can we go outside and play with our friends whenever we want?
Me: You sure can. You'll be an adult by then so you'll be responsible for making those kinds of decisions.
Boy 2: Will we sleep in a sleeping bag?
Me: Well, you'll probably have your own sheets and blankets and make up your own bed.
Girl: Will there be bunk beds??!!??!!??
Me: Some places might have bunk beds

It was at this point that kids stopped asking questions, eyes bugged out, imagining such a fabulous place that might have bunk beds.

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