Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just don't try to eat it

My sister decided to give Norwex a try when she moved here and she's been selling it ever since.  When your sister sells the stuff you find yourself trying new things that you wouldn't have otherwise chosen to purchase.  One spray of their carpet stain buster and I knew I wanted it.  My hubby (the thriftier of the two of us) saw how well it worked and implored me to order some.  It came a week or two ago and I'm giving it a whirl.  These stains, which have been here for over ten years, came up in a matter of seconds.  I had to take pictures to prove the awesomeness of this stuff.

The before shot...
 The in-between-cleaning shot...
 The after shot...
 How about this nasty stain?
 Yep, it can handle it!

The yellow stain in the above picture is a paint stain and will not come out with this stuff.  But all protein-based stains (most stains) come out.  The best part is that it's all enzyme-based, so it's not bad for the kids, pets, hamsters, fish, or Grandma. 


  1. Love it! Can use some of those pics for showing at my shows?

  2. For sure! Want me to send them to your email?

  3. But, does it come back over time? Is it non-toxic? Will it make animals sick? Does it have bleach? It looks as thought it bleached the rug.

    1. The stains have not come back, the rug is not bleached and doesn't have bleach marks... it just looks clean!

      No animals have been made sick (and we've had two visiting dogs in the house on and off.)

      The rug is off-white so it's just clean now. That check-mark area shows the colour that it should be vs the colour of the stain. I went through and cleaned around the check-mark after and it's perfectly clean now as well.