Wednesday, June 19, 2013


1.  It's been a long enough trial period.  I have added Prancercise to my Firefox dictionary.

2. A Costco-sized jar of Bicks Garlic Dill Pickles takes four full-sized towels to clean up.

3.  The closer we get to the end of public school, the more I feel the urge to hug my kids and find new topics to explore.

4.  We bought two badminton rackets and 8 birdies to go with the set we already had.  Just this morning the kids landed two on the roof.  I guess it's to keep company the one that their father lobbed up there yesterday.

5.  Is there anything more exciting than getting packing lists ready for Church Family Camp?  I don't think so.  Well, maybe a new born baby or a wedding.  Or another saint being added to the number.  Or...  Okay, enough.  Packing lists for camp are still exciting.

6.  I'm planning to make about 100 goodies for school on Friday.  To Cinnamon Bun or Not To Cinnamon Bun, that is the question.

7.  I had to get my boy to clean his room the other night.  He whined about it, as he typically does.  I challenged him to pick a song and then race the song to get the floor tidied.  He picked his new favourite song and beat it.  Clean floor, happy boy, happy mom.

8.  I'm looking forward to a slower-paced summer.  None of the kids are in sports this summer.  We drove by the baseball diamond last night, watching the parents try to find a place to park, watching dads lugging lawn chairs to the sidelines.  We smiled at not being there.

9.  Family date night last night at Avondale Dairy Bar.  Our girl asked how they make ice cream.  Hubby explained that they get the milk from arctic cows so it's already frozen. 

10.  I wasn't going to put a #10 but then I wanted to tell you that, so I typed it... But then it became #10.

11.  I better put another item, just to annoy my OCD friends. 


  1. I just "love" reading your blogs. Always so interesting & fun. Of course, knowing the kids makes it even more enjoyable being able to visualize them saying & doing these things.
    - Aunt Bernice

  2. 4. I guess you should put a ladder on your shopping list ! ;-)

    1. Ladder was being kept in a safe location under Head Ladder Climber came home from work.