Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer fun has just begun

A few things I have determined over the last 10 days or so...

1.  I really like giraffes because they remind me of my husband's arms.

2.  I love my little (and big) blonde kids.  And I seem to do it more and more, the more time I spend with them.

3.  I am truly blessed to have as amazing a husband as mine.  He drove while we all slept for a good six hours or so.  And he was tired!

4.  I have wonderful friends all over the place.  I love the feeling of missing so many people all at once, only because it means that they're so special to me.

5.  My kids all got to ride bare-back this weekend.  They were all a little scared and they all rocked it.

6.  I'm already dreaming about what I want to do next summer.  And that's not to say that I won't enjoy this summer, just that I've already got fun ideas for next year, based on this current year's awesomeness.

7.  The world didn't disintegrate because of my lack of internet use.  I am encouraged by this.

8.  Quiddler...  I must add this to my list of games to purchase.  So much fun.

9.  Chatting with other homeschooling moms is my newest fun past-time.  So many great ideas!

10.  Jamie-Grace, Peter Furler, 1 Girl Nation, and tobyMac make for one amazing (and exhausting) concert.

11.  The Ledge of the Sears Willis Tower is worth waiting in line for a few minutes.

One of many photo bombs.

Jeans.  Or Ants in Their Pants.

Lake Michigan

Wrigley Field...  Somewhere

Squinty-eyed at the top of Chicago

Lovely horses.  The kids rode the brown one, bare-back.

Such a fun week!

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  1. As usual, you & the family always seem to have a great time away for camp, etc.
    - Aunt Bernice