Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vesper Vocabulary with Midnight Math

After waking the 7 year old boy and making him pee, Hubby ushered him back to bed. Always ready to ask a good math question, Hubby asked, “What's 8 squared?”

Bubba: “Nine”

Hubby, somewhat sarcastically: “Good one.”

The boy gets under his covers.

Hubby: “Hey Bubba, what's 8 squared?

Bubba: “Nine”

He's clearly not with it tonight; he usually knows this one in his sleep. It was a busy and late evening.  The boy must be totally out of it. No point in continuing the conversation.

As the boy settled back into his sheets he lets one rip - eliminates some internal gas - cuts the cheese. Hubby cried out, “Woah! Did you hear the big toot that came out of your butt?”

“No, I'm unconscious.”

Hubby to me: “I didn't even know he knew that word.”

... So the boy's not as “out of it” as we thought.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! (about the "letting one go").
    However, I'm surprised he didn't answer correctly! So not like him!
    - Aunt Bernice