Thursday, July 18, 2013

A teacher is a teacher

As I was shopping at Staples today I had this conversation with three customer service folks.

Me: Is there a discount for teachers?

Lady 1: We have Teacher Appreciation Day on August 17.

Me: Do  homeschooling parents get the same rewards as teachers on that day?

Lady 1: No.

Me:  Even if we're registered with a homeschooling association?

Lady 1 defers to Lady 2.

Lady 2: I don't know.  Maybe if you have a card.

Lady 2 calls Man 1 over.

Lady 2: Do homeschooling parents get the teacher rewards if they have a card or something that says they homeschool?

Man 1:  I don't see why not.  A teacher is a teacher.  They're teaching, aren't they?

I said a big "Thank You" to that young gentleman, flashed them all a big smile and left, planning to return on August 17.

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