Monday, September 23, 2013

Hakuna Matata

Since taking more responsibility for my children's education, I've worried (on and off) about whether they'll get an adequate education.  I know that they will, but I still let this seed of doubt creep in.  This past week, I started taking stock of what they would be learning at school and what they have learned at home.  While the content isn't exactly the same, I'd say the quantity has increased.

I didn't really realize how much we were already doing until I had a conversation a couple nights ago with a high school teacher.  When she heard what we had chosen for our family she was supportive but curious. "So what subjects are they doing right now?" she asked.

I started listing the books I had purchased.  "French, Math, History, Science, English..."  And then I considered the other stuff we're involved in.  "Piano, Gym Days, Music/Drama...  Oh, and the oldest is doing a robotics Lego league, he's learning violin, and he's learning how to do real Bible study, with a topical index and concordance. And all three kids still have to read at least 30 minutes each day and get their chores done."

When I finally stopped listing the activities we're planning to be involved in, I saw how much they're really going to learn this year.  All that and we usually have time for a board game in the late afternoon.

This week, the oldest is taking a day off to go to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) with his cousin, and the older two will be joining some other students on a trip to Stratford to see The Merchant of Venice (which they'll be studying this year in Drama.)  How fun is that?

I'm having a blast so far.  We've got three weeks under our belt and we're getting into a rhythm.  Of course all that will change with the start of new programs to get involved in, but we'll take everything in stride.

So - No need to worry, Wanda.  As your hubby says, "Give your head a shake."  The kids are learning and having fun, and they're seeing things they wouldn't have had a chance to see otherwise. Just enjoy this ride as long as you're on it!


  1. It's easy to worry about our kids, but I'm sure the further you go into homeschooling the more relaxed you'll be. My two oldest have become real experts in subjects they study outside of school time. And since we homeschool they have time to devote to these interests. It's exciting to watch, and I look forward to seeing what is going to catch the interest of my younger children as they develop.

  2. Well, it sure sounds like you have a good itinerary of subjects for them all. And, knowing your three children, they will do great in everything.