Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm loving it!

Noteworthy items from our first week...

My youngest, who likes to be snuggled up and cozy, has proclaimed, at least three different times, that he wasn't allowed to have the hood of his sweatshirt up at school.  He is obviously ecstatic that he can do his math with the hood up now.

We have always valued family time.  Now the kids can get their home responsibilities (chores, piano practice, reading) done through the day and we can enjoy more family fun (hikes, bikes, board/card games, etc.) after supper with Dad.

I made a peach cobbler with my daughter yesterday.  It took twice as long as when I make it on my own, but she was involved in every step of the process.  Since we made it at 2:00 in the afternoon, I was able to take more time with her and explain the ins and outs of each step of the process (blanching peaches, baking powder vs baking soda, selecting a baking dish, how to measure properly.)

The oldest helped me pick out a bookshelf, which is where we now keep our school books.  Once we got the box of planks home, he volunteered to put it together.  With minimal supervision, he took that pile of planks and turned it into a useful piece of furniture.

Free binders - reused from Hubby's work

All three kids helped me figure out the best deal on a few items of produce yesterday.  Should we get the loose grapes that are $0.88/lb or the fancy box of 2.5 lb of grapes that costs $5.97?  Which head of lettuce is the best deal?  (We weighed the green lettuce and realized that it weighs more than the package of three romaine hearts, for half the price.)  And the blueberries...  Should I buy one pint for $1.50 or two pints for $3.97?

Instead of singing Oh Canada each morning, we're reading a chapter or two in the Bible.  As we finished reading about the seven letters to seven churches in Revelation this morning, I closed the Bible and said, "Okay kids, let's get moving.  We need to be out the door in 30 minutes."  The oldest, the quiet one, the one least likely to "make waves" said, "But we haven't prayed yet."

Real life.  Being comfortable in our environment.  Taking time to explore.  Having the freedom to speed up or slow down as needed.  Knowing what's important.   -   Four days in, I'm loving this.  And I think they are, too!


  1. "... but we haven't prayed yet"

    Love it!

  2. Way to go L with the "but we haven't prayed yet!" I absolutely "love" the fact that you took the time to explain exactly how to make the cobbler with R; even down to knowing which baking dish to use. You are doing a fantastic job!

  3. Obviously you have taken the best of both educational systems and built one that meets your family's needs. So glad this first week has been a resounding success. It is a treat to read what you have been doing. God bless your weekend and the weeks ahead!