Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Geography, according to a 7 year old

Discussing homophones with the 7 year old today...

Me: So can you use the word "to" in a sentence?"

He: Let's go... *thinking* Let's see, where's Michigan?  Let's go there!  Or Ohighway or somewhere like that.  Do they still live in Ohighway, Mom?

Me:  Who?  Do you mean...

He:  Like Uncle Eli and Aunt Mags and the rest of their family?

Me:  Yes, they still live in Ohio.

He:  We should go to Ohighway too then.


  1. I love the things children come up with. Sometimes I laugh right out at my little ones. Then I have to give them a hug, but they can just be sooo funny.

  2. How adorable! It sure brings back a lot of memories of my two guys at that age!