Wednesday, April 16, 2014

For the Weary Mom

For me...

For me on those days when I struggle to keep my cool.
For me when I find myself yelling.
For me when I am being lazy.

Today I choose to be purposeful.
Today I will listen to each child.
Today I will listen to what is important to them.
Today I will pray and ask God for patience instead of retreating when I've had it up to here.

I will not yell... I will respond with kind words.

I will not bark demeaning words... I will build them up.

I will not ignore their words... I will listen, and really hear them.

I will show them that they matter to me.
I will show them that they are loved.
I will be the mom that they need me to be.

For them.



  1. So beautiful, Wanda. I want to print this up and put it where I'll see it OFTEN. Thank you.

    1. Go ahead! I've been chatting with other moms about our attitudes and the words we say, and the conversation made me want to be very purposeful in my time with my kids. But making purposeful change is so overwhelming, so I choose to do it today. Not tomorrow. Just today. And if I make that choice every today, then we're rocking this thing called "family." ;-)

  2. Beautifully written, dear niece! It got me to thinking that ALL of us should be printing these words out. I think it would be an extremely powerful lesson to us all in our daily walk with Christ! Because there are always people in our lives (driven by Satan) who provoke us. I always love reading your blog!

  3. Great Reminder! We've been praying every morning for God to fill us with his Holy Spirit to give us the power to act according to his word and love people the way he does. Hard to do on our own strength.