Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Moments

A couple snippets from the last couple days.  I want to write these down so we can remember them and laugh at the fun we had.


Girl, looking over my shoulder at an article about "geeks": Mom, what's a geek?

Me: Um, well, someone who doesn't just do what society tells them to do. They do what's interesting to them.

Girl: Oh, okay!

May we all be geeks in this house.  (I don't think there's any fear that we won't be!)

Colonel Mustard

I was reading to the kids recently about the War of 1812. I read this phrase: "They mustered troops to defend the fort." My kids, listening, dissolved into fits of giggles as they imagined the yellow condiment being sprayed all over some British soldiers.

Of course, we paused for a vocabulary lesson.

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  1. I love the things that tickle children. Their minds work so differently than ours. Sometimes it feels refreshing. :)