Friday, September 11, 2015

Let justice roll

Image of a USA Stamp,
photo taken by Thomas E. Franklin
I have teared up twice today while telling the kids about the many people who died one day 14 years ago. It's so hard to remind children that things like this can happen. I followed it up by telling them that there is also so much good in this world, but we often don't hear about it. (Good people tend not to toot their own horns much.)

The hardest moment came minutes after the discussion was over, when my girl asked, "Wouldn't they have seen a plane near the building and been able stop it?" Like a sad movie ending, this one didn't make sense to her.

These moments make my heart hurt, but I am encouraged all the same. I will only become disheartened when we are no longer affected by such things.

One day, justice will roll.

Until then, we love as Jesus loved.

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  1. What a beautiful reminder that, despite how the world operates, we are to continue to follow & obey our dear sweet Lord. Many times in the Gospels we read how Jesus had compassion for someone. No matter their predicament, Jesus loved them anyways!
    P.S. I love that you have used this event in history to teach & guide them.