Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The boy whose first word was "Ball"

There's a big church around the corner and down the street from our house.  We've been in and out of this church for the last few years for different reasons, often for school events.  Up until this past year our school has held their Christmas program there.

Our association with this church has not been limited to school events though.  We went to a concert there on February 28, the last day of the 2010 Olympics, just as the men's gold medal hockey game was going into overtime.  While we waited for the concert to begin, we watched and cheered on the three big church screens as Canada scored on the USA, winning the game in overtime.  The whole concert audience was cheering, hugging and high-fiving strangers around us.

We've also been to other services and concerts there, including the past Christmas Eve when Simon slept through a rousing rendition from their worship team of Trans-Siberian Orchestra's "Wizards of Winter," complete with screeching electric guitars.  Most recently, I attended a Paul Baloche conert there.  I could go on, but you get the idea.  We, as a family, are quite familiar with this church.

Fast forward to this past Sunday.  Due to our desire to have our kids play in their first baseball and T-Ball tournaments of the year and our desire to still attend church, we opted to go to a church service (for the first time) to this same church this past Sunday, given it's early service time, proximity to our house and proximity to the ball diamond.  As we stepped through the doors and into this well-known fixture in our neighbourhood, my husband said to the four-year old, "Do you remember this church?" thinking that the lad would smile at the remembrance of singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" there last December, or perhaps he would recall his big brother tapping on a wooden block while singing along to "Old Toy Trains".  Instead, the boy smiled and said, "Yeah!  We watched the hockey game and Canada WON!"

The boy with the one-track mind...  Does he have any idea of all the other fun stuff that we've done there?  And will his mind ever be able to focus on anything that does not involve a sporting event?


  1. thats hilarious! kids only focus on their favourite things i guess. :) ~al

  2. Consider his parentage. Just sayin'!