Monday, June 7, 2010

Can I please have homework??

Our kids received spiral-bound notebooks from a friend at church this Sunday.  They have been writing and drawing in them non-stop since then.  The oldest boy couldn't part with it for too long so he brought his to school today.  On our way home, he asked, "Mom, if you turn around and look at me, does it look like I've got a book that I have to take home for homework?"
I turned around and looked and he was proudly carrying his spiral-bound notebook under his arm, even though it would have been easier to put it in his backpack.  I said, "Yes, it definitely looks like you're carrying home a book to work on for homework!" 

I thought a bit more and then asked, "Do you think it'll be a lot more fun when you can bring work from school to do at home each day?"

With an excited look on his face, he answered, "Yeah!  I wonder when I'll get to do homework?  Maybe Grade Three or Four?"

He just loves having "pencil and paper" kind of work to do!  I don't think he's thought it through entirely, since he'll have to do homework before playing.  So I'll just let him enjoy the thought of homework while he can.

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  1. Yeah, I'm sure you'll be reminding him of that moment many times in the future!!