Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hate the Video, Love the Person

I'll just say it:  I do not like Lady Gaga's music or videos.  The music is upbeat and appeals to younger people but the lyrics are absolutely inappropriate for school-aged children.  The videos are even worse, most of the content that I have seen being what I would consider vulgar.

That being said, I read an article and watched a portion of an accompanying video at the following site that purports to express how a particular church feels about Lady Gaga.  (Watch at your own peril, but not if you already have high blood pressure):

Let me just tell you, if you see that video, you will be upset.  The video is overloaded with messages of hate towards different people.  Not just hate from one person or one church but from God Himself.  The creator of that video is absolutely incorrect.  God does not hate any one.  God hates sin but he loves people.  Not just some people but all people.  It really bothers me that anyone would create a video and spread a message of hate like this.  But it incenses me most that someone is attributing that feeling to God.

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