Thursday, January 17, 2013

Favour for the Financially Frugal

"They" (you know, the people who say things that get quoted by people like me) say that money is the topic most argued about by couples.  I don't get that.

We're not known for throwing money around, and I've chatted with friends before about whether we're thrifty or cheap.  We've decided that Aaron and I are not cheap, because we are not opposed to spending money on something that's worthwhile, but we are thrifty because we don't want to have to pay more for a product than is necessary.

We generally subscribe to the "Dave Ramsey" financial philosophy, which is that you get out of debt and stay out of debt.  If there's something you want, you save money to buy it.  (Steve Martin and Amy Poehler help us understand the concept with this video, Don't Buy Stuff You Can't Afford)  Sometimes this is annoying, like when I finally decided it would be nice to have a dressy coat to wear out in the winter.  (I found one, brand new, at the Salvation Army, for $25 and got it with my own personal "Blow Money.") 

But last night I appreciated our thrifty lifestyle.  Our kitchen faucet has been giving us troubles for a couple months now.  First it would not rotate between the two sinks very well, then the sprayer nozzle wouldn't come out more than a couple inches.  Finally, it started leaking and I had a lake under my sink.  Aaron headed out to Home Depot and bought a new faucet to replace the leaky one.  It rotates with ease.  The hose can come out about two feet from the faucet.  And it doesn't leak!

But the biggest blessing is that we can buy a new faucet without worrying about paying for it.  Our thrifty spending habits mean that there is money in the bank account right now to pay for a replacement faucet.  I am so glad we paid off any debt we brought into our marriage (student loans, wedding, honeymoon) right from the beginning and stayed debt-free.  I am so glad I have a husband who is responsible with our money and encourages me in that regard.

We are truly blessed.

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