Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Brother, where Art thou ?

This boy...

He is just a GOOD kid.  He does chores without complaining, cleans up his brother's messes because it needs to be done, and is always ready to participate in whatever activity we choose to do.  He's the strong, silent type.  Unless he's laughing or trying to make you laugh.  And then he's loud and silly.  Anyway, I don't write about him much because he seems to slip under the radar, just plodding along, doing what he needs to do, and then some.

Today, as I was clearing off the table to ready our dining area for school, he pointed to the graph paper that had mysteriously appeared on the table and mentioned, "I thought maybe I could teach the other two how to do this art project today.  You print a picture you like, draw a grid on it, and then copy it to your own graph paper.  We did it in Grade Four and I really liked doing it."  We discussed details and I assured him that he could teach his siblings this art technique if he wanted.  We would make time for it in our schedule.

Part of our schedule included watching the Olympics, so as we made our plan for the day, I asked each kid what they wanted to watch.  This boy picked Bobsled (not a surprise to me, since he's been fascinated with the sledding events this far), which was being broadcast one hour and fifteen minutes into our school day. We planned accordingly.

At 10:15, when bobsled coverage started, I turned on the TV and waited.  And waited.  The kids were having too much fun with their art project.  The oldest, the one who chose Bobsled as his event to watch, preferred to sit and listen to the TV while working on his art with his brother.  He's been up and down, showing his brother the proper way to draw lines, helping him with his technique.  He loves this!  More than watching Bobsled!

And I love that he is sharing his passion for art (a passion that I just don't share with him, try as I might) with his brother and sister.


  1. What a great guy! I love when those "sibling" moments happen. It's nice he can do art with his siblings. I'm not artistic either but most of our children are so my mom steps in for that.

  2. Well, of course, I just love this blog entry, Wanda!!! So so fun to see them enjoying art together and you supporting it. You're the BEST.... for lots and lots of reasons! :) Wish our kids lived closer so they could just sit around drawing together. :)

  3. Excellent!!!! What a wonderful moment.

  4. You've got a great family, from dad and mom on down. Keep it up and we pray that the kids will stay the course!!

  5. Oh my, he sounds just like me, when I am doing a project that I love! God has sure blessed him with the ability to teach his younger siblings. I pray that he continues to be like this as he matures. And, yes, I totally agree -- you (you & your hubby) are doing a fantastic job of raising God fearing children!