Monday, May 6, 2013

A Monday Morning Skit

The players:
Boy, about 7 years of age.  Enjoys making boy noises

Girl, about 9 years of age.  Enjoys being girly and proper...  
when it suits her.
Girl, singing "Edelweiss."
Boy burping intermittently.

Girl:  Please stop burping when I'm singing!
Boy: Why?
Girl: Because it bothers me and I can't sing properly.

Boy burps again, quieter this time.

Girl: Sto-oop!  It's bothering me.
Boy: But I have to burp.
Girl: You're trying to burp to bother me.
Boy: I'm burping because I'm eating. You burp when you eat.
Girl: Well I don't have to burp like that when I eat.  I burp with my mouth closed.  You're not even trying to burp with your mouth closed!

Mom:  Gir-rl!  *waits for girl to come*  Honey, boys just burp. Especially that one.  And the bigger deal you make, the more he wants to do it around you.

Girl, crying: But it bothers me.

Mom: You can't make him stop just because it's bothering you.  You can explain that it's rude to do it around other people, but you can't ask him to stop just because you don't like it.

Girl walks back to kitchen.  Boy has stopped burping because he has no audience.

The End

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