Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun with Snowbirds

We're a family that enjoys learning together.  A few weeks ago I was looking at the news headlines with my 10 year old.  We saw that the Snowbirds, a Canadian flying team, would be performing in Niagara Falls on May 29.  My son quickly added it to the calendar "just in case you forget, Mom."

I haven't forgotten, but we hadn't made plans for it either.  I glanced at the calendar this morning.  This reminded me that, yes, the Snowbirds are still planning to be flying tonight.  (Click over here to read an article from the perspective of a journalist who got to fly shotgun with the Snowbirds a few years ago.)  We're planning a picnic dinner on the grassy area around Niagara Falls, followed up by an amazing air show at 6:00.  I hope to pick up a book at the library, before we go, so we can read about how planes actually work.  It should keep our minds engaged while we're waiting for the show to start.

The Snowbirds fly over Niagara Falls on a media demonstration flight on Sept. 4. 2009. (Ken Lin/Snowbirds/DND)

I love that my kids feel free to add life events to the family calendar.  As family members, we're all walking down the same path, so we might as well do it together!  

If you're not around to join us for a cool air-show tonight, make your own plans to do something fun with your family.  The kids may not remember the details of all the things you do together, but they will know that they are valued and loved by their parents.

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