Monday, May 20, 2013

Abstinence and Planned Parenthood

I've been following the case of abortionist Kermit Gosnell.  I'm one of the few.  Apparently, only about 25% of people know more than a name or basic fact about this news story.  Typically, about 60% of the population will hear a news story about an ongoing first-degree murder investigation of this magnitude, so if you're one of the 25%, give yourself a pat on the back.

Since I'm following this news story, I'm finding a lot of very disconcerting information about abortion clinics and the ins and outs of how these abortions are carried out.  I was reading this article, explaining the different methods used for abortions.  (I encourage everyone, pro-choice or pro-life, to read up on the different abortion methods available, as we cannot truly make informed choices without first knowing what is really involved in this type of procedure.)  The article was very basic but summarized it all by saying that all of these methods had the same final result.  Only one was considered first-degree murder while the rest were legal and subsidized by the government.

Reading further into that particular blog, I read a bit about Planned Parenthood and abstinence.  I was curious to see what Planned Parenthood's stance on abstinence was, so I searched and found this page, a detailed explanation of abstinence, void of any religious sentiment.  I was actually really happy to see this, not thinking that they would have so brilliantly endorsed abstinence as a 100% effective means of preventing pregnancy and STDs.

For the record, about 28% of respondents (to the survey on the right) thought oral sex counted as abstinence.  Right...

You can see from the picture that just above the link for the page on "Abstinence" was a chart comparing effectiveness of birth control options.  I was very interested in seeing what this said, and how the other birth control methods compared to abstinence, so I clicked on it.  Here's a screen shot of what I saw:

I found the "No-Abstinence-Option Birth Control Option Chart"

I couldn't find where abstinence was listed on the chart.  I thought maybe I was missing something, so I double-checked the title of the chart and double-checked that I hadn't scrolled too far.  Nope.  They just didn't think it was worth putting the most effective birth control method on the chart.  Even though it's a chart meant to teach and compare how effective birth control methods can be.

Does that strike anyone else as a little weird?  If their goal is to inform people of ALL the choices available, why don't they have the most effective choice on that handy dandy little chart? It's the only choice that makes all that stuff not happen every single time.

What gives, Planned Parenthood?  Do you think maybe you could put the most effective birth control method on your handy dandy chart so we can actually see all our options?

p.s.  Personal Testimony:  I found abstinence to be 100% effective.  Every day that I didn't have sex, I didn't get an STD or get pregnant.  It really is amazingly effective!

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