Thursday, May 2, 2013

Building Excitement

I've got a very exciting couple of days ahead of me.  I'll be hunting and gathering information so that we can make some very positive changes for our family over the next several months.  That's not to say that we aren't already functioning well as a family...  Just that we can do even better!

Beyond this weekend, I'm really starting to look forward to this summer.  As a family, we're realizing that we don't have to stop learning when the school bell rings.  So we've got lots of learning fun planned come the end of June.

Summer vacation will give us a chance to try new things as a family and see what the kids are interested in.  We'll be exploring new ideas, like woodworking, geocaching, budgeting, and cooking, and we'll check out some Canadian geography, history and political science as we take a road trip out east towards the end of the summer.
I'd love to take some time, with the kids, to look through the pictures that Commander Chris Hadfield has posted from the International Space Station over the last few months.  He's got an incredible view of some gorgeous real estate.
I think our 11 year old is looking forward to learning a new instrument this summer.  (This kid likes his music!)  We've got a few kicking around this house (violin, ukulele, guitar, piano, trumpet, trombone) and he's asked to learn all of them!  He'll have time once school's out.

Roller coaster design, building houses, coming up with story ideas...  The kids are full of fun things to research!  And we'll have from sunrise to sundown to do it.  Once we reach the end of June.

How many families look forward to school getting out so they can learn some more?  We're weird.  But, we're exited!  Because learning is fun!

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  1. "As a family, we're realizing that we don't have to stop learning when the school bell rings."

    Absolutely, positively, perfectly right on!