Monday, April 29, 2013

An "I'm an idiot" moment

I procrastinating right now.  I have a to-do list for today as we get ready for our new carpet to be installed tomorrow.  My list currently looks like this:

- Sand drywall compound on wall by videos (done)
- sand wood filler in kids' rooms (done)
- sand girl's room (around light switch) (done)
- sand upstairs bathroom walls (two spots) (done)
- dig out painting supplies from the back corner of the fully-loaded long-term storage closet under the stairs (done)
- kick yourself for burying painting supplies when you emptied the carpeted portion of the basement (I'm stuck on this one.)
- paint family room walls, w/roller, don't miss spot on wall between windows
- paint upstairs bathroom
- blog one of two ideas scratched on scrap paper
- exercise
- make dinner (salad and grilled chicken)
- drop off books at Christian thrift store
- take carpet underpad to dump 

Photo from catalog
Okay, back to work.  And, yeah, word to the wise - If you plan to paint anything, don't bury your painting supplies behind everything that was previously floating around your basement.

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