Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Noodles and Applesauce

I have a friend who just started blogging.  She's a not-yet-geriatric mum of two kids under two years of age.  She may go crazy if she doesn't let her sarcastic wit out somewhere, so she decided a blog might be the best place to let her crazy out.  No, she's not really crazy.  Just fun to hang out with.  She'll make you laugh; she'll make you cry; she'll make you want to eat buttercream icing. 

Her very first post went up last night.  Check back in with her every so often and give her a bit of encouragement if you can.  Her name is Dori and you can find her over here at Noodles and Applesauce

No wait, this is my child at her wedding.

Ah, yes, the lovely Dori and her hubby on their wedding day
Sorry, he's too cute.  I couldn't resist.

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