Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Your First Story Was Better"

We may have let our daughter watch The Princess Bride one too many times*...

While reading a fictional book called "The Holocaust Diary of Rose Rabinowitz," we discovered that the narrator/main character's father died at the hand of some German gunmen.  I paused for a moment to assess the children's states of mind at this dreary section of the book.  Our nine year old pipes up and says, "There's only one thing left to do.  Go through his clothes and look for loose change."

Aaron and I, horrified, looked at her for an explanation.  She gave us that How Do You Not Get It look and said, "Miracle Max...  That's what he says when you're all dead."

*For the record, despite the bad timing of her remarks, I'm quite happy that my daughter is learning to integrate The Princess Bride into her everyday speech.

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  1. Love love love it..... its inconceivable that you didn't get that! !!