Monday, April 29, 2013

Neighbourhood Watch

I gotta be honest with you for a moment... 

I just chewed out and lectured two neighbourhood boys who were playing with my sons and ended up hurting them.  I told these boys that I was a mother and would naturally be very upset with whoever hurt my boys. 

I spoke to the one who hurt my youngest and told him that I didn't want him playing with him if he couldn't be careful enough to try not to hurt him again. 
Who could hurt this sweet boy?

I spoke to the one who hurt my oldest and told him that it didn't really matter if it was an accident or not, this was my son and I do not want to see him get hurt.
Mess with my kid, you mess with me

The two neighbourhood boys apologized to me and to the boys they had injured, so I let them keep playing.  But, just to be safe, I thought I'd post a picture of them, just so the other neighbourhood parents know that these are the boys that were playing a little too roughly with my boys today:

Has been known to accidentally hurt boys much bigger than he is

Not known to be mean but can hurt all the same.

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