Friday, April 5, 2013


I have tears streaming down my eyes as I tap this out with one finger on my iPod. I have read something that has shown me, clearer than anything else, the beauty of being a parent.

Tonight I had to stop reading at page 64 of Kisses From Katie (the book, not the website.) Katie Davis, who has dedicated her life to serving the people of Uganda, has written in these first pages about the first few children she adopted in Uganda. These children spent years knowing dirt and filth and sorrow and abandonment and rejection and now - NOW - they have someone who cares for them, loving them because Jesus loves them, finding ways to fill their needs when to do so seems impossible. But it's not just the girls who call her "Mommy."

The store clerks and teachers call her Mommy. The doctors and nurses call her Mommy. The parents and grandparents call her Mommy. She is the one in that village who comforts and provides. She is the one who can clean and heal. It doesn't matter if she is their Mommy or not. She is the one they go to. And she is filled with love for them when she hears them calling her "Mommy." How much more must our Heavenly Father be filled with joy when we call on Him?

That is the beauty of being a parent. Seeing how much our children need and love us, unconditionally. Knowing that we can provide some of the comfort that they need. Delighting in the joy that we see around us. Experiencing the heartache. Witnessing bad decisions. And continuing to love. If we, as parents, feel this way, how much more must our Heavenly Father feel this way?

This is the beauty of being a parent.


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    1. You would love it! Check at your library. That's where I got this copy.