Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bills, bills, bills

Have you seen Babes in Toyland?  Poor Annette...

This was one of my many favourite movie scenes as a kid.  As a grown up, I can relate.  I've been growing increasingly frustrated as "the price of milk and eggs and bread is rising everyday."

Yesterday, we received a notice stating that our internet rate from our current internet company (Provider A) was, once again, increasing.  In the past, we have chosen to stay with our provider because of the hassle of changing the email address associated with my business, The Cleaner Sweep.  But, as of March 2013, my sister is the sole operator of that business, so I don't need to maintain the email address for it anymore.  With that hindrance out of the way, Aaron and I decided to start looking around for better monthly rates.

We found a company (Provider B) that offers a monthly rate that is $15 lower than our current rate ($17 lower than the rate it is climbing to in June 2013).  So I called up Provider A to see if they could lower my rate.  I was hoping they'd give me the $15 off that is offered to new customers.  I didn't quite get that.

A gentleman offered me $5 off my current rate, which I could lock in for 12 months, giving me $7 off come June.  I asked him to note that on my account and I would call back after chatting with my husband.

Buckle your seat-belt; there's some simple math coming up.  Try to stay with me.

Aaron and I figured that at the old rate from Provider A ($51/mth), it would take us just over one year (12.5 months) to start saving money with Provider B (at $35/mth) because of the (approximately) $200 in start-up fees and new modem purchase.  With the new rate ($44/mth), it would be just under two years (22 months) before we started saving money. 

We decided that the hassle and uncertainty of how a new provider would work was not worth the switch, so we agreed to stay with Provider A for the reduced price. 

The best part was that the nice lady that I spoke with at the very end said "We appreciate having you as a customer.  Please feel free to call back again in 12 months to discuss your rate.  We'd like to keep you happy."

You just have to ask.

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  1. So true. We have renegotiated internet bills on several occasions. It never hurts to ask!