Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Lazy Mom's Guide to Housework

You would think that someone who has her own cleaning company would be on the ball in doing her own housework.  Not so my friends, not so.  I am, instead, training my own cleaning crew to take care of themselves.  Let's just say I'm doing it in the name of responsibility.  Yes, my children need to learn responsibility; that's it!

I was telling some fellow moms about the lunch chart that I have set up, a cheat sheet on what they should pack for their snack and lunch at school.  I figure at 6, 8 and 10, these kids are old enough to get their own food.  I help the 6 year old sometimes, but since he usually doesn't want a sandwich, he takes care of it most days.  I have a list on the fridge of how many items from each food group they should take, as well as which food items we have in the house for that week.  What you do not see is the "Lunch Wish List" which is also on the fridge, so the kids can write down whatever they'd like to see in the house next week for lunches.  (My daughter has written down granola bars, so I need to make those today!)

I also have this handy-dandy chart to help them organize their morning and afternoons.  I have cut out letters from my least favourite fridge magnets so the kids can put their initial beside whatever they have accomplished.  The older two did not move their magnets over this morning, but rest assured that they did get everything done.

And finally, I'm not sure if I'm most embarrassed of this or most proud of it.  You decide what I should feel...

Our newish second bathroom is mainly used by the kids for toileting, hand-washing, and teeth-brushing.  I clean it when we have company.  And every so often, in a pinch, I try to use it in between company.  It was just too gross to use though.  My boys didn't care to aim for the toilet when they used this bathroom.  I finally got so fed up with the state of this bathroom that I gathered the kids around and told them that they would be taking turns in cleaning this bathroom.  I made a list of what they need to clean and in which order to do it.  I showed them how to clean each item.  I told them about how long it should take (5-10 minutes) and set them free to clean.

(Let me take a health and safety break here to explain how this is possible without me worrying about my children killing themselves with bleach:  We don't use toxic cleaning products.  We use vinegar and water and Norwex cloths.  That's it.  Nothing to worry about and the bathroom sparkles with cleanliness every day!)

Miracle of miracles, my kids are able to keep the bathroom clean!  Apparently, all it took was a little direction and a mandate of cleanliness.  Yeah!!!

That's what we've got so far.  I welcome any tips from other lazy moms.  What else can my kids do??


  1. Love it! So encouraging for when mine get a little older. And nothing wrong with kiddos cleaning the bathroom. My brother and I had to every week! Very grateful now to know how to take care of my home :)

  2. Love these tips Wanda! I hope to implement similar things when Jack is older.